As a Certified Professional Coach I am committed to help you discover the passions in your life and authentic self, while creating a safe space so you can explore and claim your humanity to live joyfully.

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Journey To A Better Life

How I Can Serve You

Embrace your authentic power and discover a new level of fulfillment and purpose.

Together, we will:

  • Shatter limiting beliefs to unleash your authentic self
  • Gain clarity on your values, purpose, and passions
  • Create your personalized roadmap to a fulfilling life
  • Develop practical skills to manage stress and challenges
  • Establish achievable goals aligned with your values
  • Cultivate honest and authentic relationships
  • Boost your confidence, resilience, and overall well-being
  • Foster a growth mindset for lasting authenticity and joy

I believe in creating a safe space for you to explore and claim your humanity, guided by my own compassion, integrity, and authenticity.

My Journey to Coaching

Hello, my name is David Cotton and I am passionate about helping you discover and embrace your most authentic self.

Throughout my military and corporate careers, as well as my personal life, I have faced numerous challenges and navigated many transitions and transformations, including multiple major career changes, and finding my true authentic self.

As a retired US Air Force brigadier general, former senior executive in the Department of Defense, corporate vice president, consultant, and active leadership within personal development and advocacy/charity organizations, I bring a wealth of life experience and a down-to-earth, practical perspective to my coaching practice.

I know what it's like to feel lost or stuck and to search for purpose and fulfillment. I am committed to creating a safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore and grow. Click here learn more about my journey. 🏳️‍🌈

Podcasts Where I Tell My Story and the Stories of Others

graying rainbows: coming out later in life lgbt+

To get to know more about me, you can listen to Episode 50 of the podcast, Graying Rainbows: Coming Out Later in Life LGBT+, hosted by Dr. Ginger Campbell.

the vulnerable man podcast

Christopher Veal’s podcast, The Vulnerable Man, Episode 56, sharing my story related to being a vulnerable man, where I see this as a strength and not a weakness.

What clients are saying about David Cotton Coaching

From Bob: David is an amazing coach! He really listens, and was able to sort through my mess, and hone in on what was holding me back. I always look forward to our weekly sessions, as he gives me real motivation when I’m losing my way. More importantly, he’s kept me on track and demanded accountability, which was key to helping me reach my goals. If you need a compassionate “kick in the pants”, paired with some valuable life strategy, David Cotton is your man!

From Phillip: David Cotton has been my life coach and has done a good job helping me get through the challenges in my life: controlling my eating habits, difficulty with co-workers, or finances...David has helped me deal with these difficult issues. Others have observed that since talking with David, my attitude has become more positive and upbeat. He offered suggestions on these difficult topics that have helped me get through some of these problems that I am dealing with. David has been a huge help for me in my life. I recommend him highly if you are looking for a life coach!

Journey To A Better Life

“Don’t let your wonder turn into closure.”

– Older, by Ben Platt